Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy Holidays! Great Books + Great Prices = Great Gifts

Hey, would you look at this? I can access my own blog again! I'm here at home after making a switch from ".com" to ".net." And just in time for the holidays.

So how about I tell you about my specials, and then fill you in on the goings on of a few friends of mine?

Looking for the Sun Door is now on sale at, and available for free through Smashwords.

Cawnpore, the latest novel from Tom Williams, is available at Amazon and other retailers. Tom Williams is a brilliant writer and a lovely human being; we first met virtually when both of us were under the JMS imprint. You'll love his work if you're into historical fiction; you'll enjoy his blog even if you're not.

My publisher and sister, the award-winning novelist Melinda Clayton, has several books available at special prices; it's probably best to check out her blog for all the details.

Love fantasy or supernatural fiction? Malcolm R. Campbell's the go-to guy. His website (which makes technophobic me a little Christmas green with envy) will give you all the details. Like Melinda, Malcolm has a large selection of books and prices from which to choose.

Finally, poet and novelist Collin Kelley is definitely worth checking out. I'm not well-acquainted with his fiction (though his short story collection Kiss Shot is on sale now at Amazon), but I purchased his poetry collection Render and was absolutely blown away.

Thank you all so much for hanging in here with me while I updated the site information. For the backstory, you might want to visit me at my Facebook page. That's the best place to get my news first, read some of my latest poetry, and peek into the wonky goings on inside my head - so feel free to give me a like and share with a friend!

Much love to all of you, and warmest wishes for an amazing holiday season!