Wednesday, October 26, 2011

General Update about Things

*My husband came home with beautiful pink roses yesterday. "Roses!" I said, happy as could be. "Why did you get me roses?" "Oh, I don't know," he said. "Maybe there's something about today that made it a good day to get you roses." Yes, my friends, I had forgotten our anniversary. We went out later for our coffee date, and it was wonderful. (Coffee is what we do for our anniversaries. Mostly because it is inexpensive and allows for flexible scheduling.)

*I might have already mentioned this, but I have a poem forthcoming in the January issue of Contemporary American Voices. That's the online literary journal edited by Lisa Zaran. I've read her work for years and have even been in a couple of the same journals as she (which thrills me).

*The weight loss continues and is really taking no effort on my part. Not to worry; there is no reason to believe that I am ill. Appetite suppression is simply one of the side effects of the new medication. I'm eating almost whatever I want, but I'm not overdoing it. (I say "almost" because I'm still avoiding a few things because of their effect on the myotonia; for instance, I discovered just a few days ago that white meat chicken is still a bad idea. However, the meal that led me to this discovery was delicious. Seriously, what a great way to say goodbye to that food.)

*The views for the medical essays have dropped off. Which is not at all surprising, but is disappointing, since they were written simply to make a point. I took down a couple of the medical-related posts that were on this blog some time ago; I think I will repost the Associated Content piece here (the ability to repost anywhere is why I went with AC and kept my rights to begin with). I don't think the piece will get many more views, but it may get a few - and maybe someone will find it worth passing on and it will gain a little momentum again.

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