Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Giving Outbrain a Try

Outbrain is a service that adds reading recommendations to blog posts. I'm hoping it will drive traffic to the blog by adding links to some of my posts to others' blogs.

We'll see how it works out.


  1. Well, I looked to see how it works nad there was your little post and then three great big links to... Outbrain. I know they need to promote themselves but I found the pages linked to were chunky and ugly and text heavy and boring so I didn't read them. So what I picked up from this is that Outbrain links to boring commercial sites.

    I think they need to refine the way they present readers first experience of them.

  2. Have looked again and the links have now changed! It seems quite strange. The main thing that puts me off putting it in is that the images make it so intrusive. With short blogs, they dominate the blog.

  3. I tried to remove them; some will be gone, but I'm sure they have more of their own ads. They give different ads when the same viewer looks more than once.

    It is chunky. I might change over the the headline style, which doesn't have pictures. Right now I'm undecided.

  4. Headline style is still chunky but a vast improvement. I'll wait to see how it goes before I jump.

  5. I'm desperately trying to put off writing so I was browsing your blog and looking at the links. Most seemed overtly commercial (plugging Outbrain) or irrelevant. It definitely doesn't work for me and I won't be putting it on my blog.