Monday, March 7, 2011


Reading and Related

I'm really enjoying two books I'm bouncing back and forth between right now, John Dominic Crossan's Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography and Paul Tillich's The Eternal Now. Tillich is one of those theologians you have to read if you're at all serious about theology, and yet I've never (why am I admitting this?) read any of his work before, not even when I was in divinity school.

What's that, you say? . . . Yes, I went to divinity school for a little while. . . . Seriously, stop laughing. I'd have finished if the money for school hadn't run out. . . . Do you need a drink of water? . . . Come on now, this just hurts.

The University of Melbourne's Trinity College and the Melbourne College of Divinity offer an excellent, accredited online program. I'm not sure, but I believe it's the only program of its kind; it was at the time I was taking classes. The Melbourne College of Divinity is one of the best divinity schools in the world. I was thrilled to be able to take the same courses, taught by the same professors, as students who attended on campus.

I'd still love to get my Master's of Divinity some day, but I don't know if that will happen. I'm keeping my eye on an unaccredited school that is going through the accreditation process right now. It's affiliations are far more conservative, but the price would be right (it would cost almost nothing) and, if the school were accredited, the degree would be valid. It also offers bachelor's degrees, which might be useful to others I know, and it's self paced, which means that, in theory, a student might be able to finish more quickly than at an on-campus institution. I'm doing some watchful waiting.


We went dancing last night! Specifically, we went to a set of video shoots for a friend's three bands. I haven't danced like that in ages, because I haven't been able to - it was heavenly. My husband and I had a blast, but the kids were a bit more ambivalent. They seemed to have two settings: having fun when on the dance floor and bored out of their minds when not. I'm not sure why there was no middle setting that made listening to music and watching the dancers a pleasant experience, but maybe that doesn't develop until college. [See Update after Health and Related.]

Health and Related

Everything is going extremely well. (See above.) My arm is not a hundred percent yet, but I was told we weren't even trying for a hundred percent immediately, so I'm not worried. There are lots of options on the table. One thing I want to do very soon is get a deep-tissue massage. I'm sure a decade's worth of shoulder kinks aren't going to untangle themselves overnight with medicine alone, and I'm guessing I'll see a tremendous difference once they're worked out.

My article about my journey to diagnosis was featured on the US Rare Disease Day website in its patient stories section, but the editing left it with some serious errors of syntax. Thankfully, only my first name was attached. And the story is circulating in one more way, which is what really matters.

Update: Sadly, the medicine I was taking lost a lot of its effectiveness after a couple of months. Since it did not stop working entirely, the dosage was raised, but it's still not having the effect that it was overall. I think perhaps the side effects from having the dosage so high are contributing. It is also still not having much of an effect on my arms.

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