Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wow, Thank You!

Evidently, a few people have been buying the book. If you sort "American Poetry" on Smashwords by "Most Downloads" - well, okay, mine isn't the most downloaded. Not even close. It's found on page 16 out of 24. But it's found on page 16 out of 24. How cool is that? It's not on page 24, which means a few people, at least, must have downloaded it.

And though the listing has no reviews, the Barnes and Noble page for the book has that wonderful little box with sales suggestions that says "Customers who bought this also bought..." My loving husband wondered aloud if perhaps Barnes and Noble attaches related suggestions to all books regardless of sales; I was happy to poke around and discover that, no, Barnes and Noble does not attach suggestions to all books. So what were those books purchased by the customer or customers who bought my book? Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales and Maya Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. As the assistant editor-in-chief at my day job said, "fine company indeed."

So to all of you who have made this so very, very exciting and validating for me, thank you - a hundred thousand thank yous. You are the best!

Update 12/23/2010: My book actually inched its way up to the middle of page 10 of the American poetry "Most Downloads" queue (again - thank you!), but it looks as though it's now creeping back down. For some reason, the book seems to be doing quite a bit better on Smashwords than Amazon. My husband's theory is that Smashwords, being smaller, is easier to browse. Makes sense to me.