Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So if I'm a Poet, Where Are the Poems?

As a place to find my poetry, this site hasn't yet been of much use. There's a reason for that.

I've been published in SubtleTea, A Little Poetry, Pen Himalaya, and other journals. The three sites listed are online journals and have my work archived and available for viewing.

At one time, I made some of my previously published poems available on MySpace. I intend to make some of my previously journal-published poems available here in the future. I will not do this with poems published in chapbooks or full collections unless I either have the approval of the publisher or publication rights have reverted to me.

Most of the poems I had available on MySpace are part of a collection that may be part of a larger project sometime soon. It would be unfair to my potential publisher to keep them online.

Should the project go forward, I am sure the publisher will make some poems available as samples of the collection. I will post any relevant link(s) to them here. Should the project not go forward, I will use this site to make the poems available once again.

I'm fervently hoping, of course, that the project goes forward.

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